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ICT consultant

My experience with computers began in 1979 on the local school’s VIC20 in a wee town of North Otago called Otekaieke. My interest and enthusiasm of computers then shaped my secondary school career of more than 20 years as a classroom teacher, Head of Department of Computing and manager of school networks.

A Royal Society of New Zealand Science, Mathematics and Technology Fellowship awarded to me in 2000 gave me the confidence to move in to tertiary education, study and gain a Master of Information Science (Information Systems) degree with 1st Class Honours, and work in many projects, usually with an educational focus.

I have been an educator, an e-learning designer, an educational advisor in New Zealand and overseas, project manager, business & data analyst and researcher, working with clients from private and public sector.

My approach is to follow sound project management principles, working individually or in a team, to find ICT solutions that are effective and enabling. I love the new opportunities that technology brings, and the challenges of working with people and systems to find effective and sustainable ICT solutions. I like working in contracts fixed-term or part-time.






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