ICT consulting

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in the 21st Century is transforming the way we learn, work and play, both individually and communally.

thedune consulting can support you to deliver proven ICT solutions. By working with you, you can focus on the results rather than the process.

We enjoy the challenge of solving problems with and for people, and get much satisfaction from seeing effective, enabling and sustainable solutions to fruition. Our focus is to provide ICT services that manage. analyse. and educate.


  • Information systems - planning and developing services and solutions to support business objectives
  • Project management - using proven project management principles to run projects


  • Research - validating practice and exploring new opportunities
  • Data collection - for analysis, evaluation, and reporting
  • Database design - iidentifying relationships and patterns


  • e-learning design using LMS e.g. Moodle
  • Facilitation of professional learning programmes for ICT systems on:
    • ICT strategic planning and management
    • Software - word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentation, multimedia, web technology, graphic, learning/content management systems, programming languages and statistical data analysis
    • Hardware and networks
    • Effective use of ICT to support teaching and learning.
  • Design and implementation of teaching/learning programs and assessments to meet national curriculum standards in science, mathematics and ICT

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