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The following are some examples of professional ICT solutions that thedune consulting has been involved with:

As part of my job as Teaching Consultant: Online for Massey University, I coordinated the process for copyright of original checks of staff and student material using Turnitin. Using Shado content management system I wrote and maintained the content of this web page.

Massey University: Turnitin

Delivery of professional development (PD) follows a blended learning approach and includes online, paper-based, face-to-face, individual or group facilitation. At Massey University I provided PD on e-learning for lecturers. Massey's learning environment, called Stream, is a Moodle-based learning management system with additional e-tools e.g. Adobe Presenter, Adobe Connect, Lightwork, MyPortfolio.

Massey University: Stream4Staff

Evaluation is a key part of the process of assuring quality. This presentation to DEANZ Conference 2010 is the research findings about changing learning platforms for tertiary students.

pdf file of presentation

Working as a consultant for Cognition Education (ex-MultiServe Trust Ltd), I was involved in this Ministry of Education's Dgital Opportunities project as the expert and inaugural writer for the online study material for the science subjects (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Human Biology, Science). Studyit is a website for NCEA students.


Working with teachers and their classes at Avalon Intermediate School and Mana College, students designed and developed videos of Pasifika Legends using Paint Shop Pro and MovieMaker. This was a Ministry of Education project, contracted to Cognition Education, which I facilitated. The image iof two taniwhai of Wellington Harbour is part of the video - Legend of Whataitai and Ngake.

Pasifika Digital Legends

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